The Effect of Learner Podcasts on EFL Students’ Speaking Development


Podcast, podcasting, learner podcast, speaking skills

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KOÇAK, A., & ALAGÖZLÜ, N. (2021). The Effect of Learner Podcasts on EFL Students’ Speaking Development. Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 11(2), 18-41. Retrieved from


The use of podcasts in the field of language learning as instructional materials has received much attention in recent years. Podcasts enable learners to have access to authentic materials and they can be used as learning objects for independent learning. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of the use of learner podcasts in English language classes as an innovative technology-based instructional tool to develop EFL learners’ speaking skills. The study investigates to what extent learner-produced podcasts help EFL students to develop their speaking skills. This study was carried out at a state university in Turkey with forty EFL learners. During the study, learners were asked to create podcasts in pairs. In the podcasts, they were encouraged to discuss critically about various topics with their partners. Each pair was also required to listen to another pair’s podcast, and assess their peers’ views on the relevant topic and stimulate the discussion through creating another podcast including their personal comments about their peers’ viewpoints. The data were collected through a pre-and post-speaking test administered to participants and the data gathered from the tests were analyzed quantitatively. The findings revealed that creating learner podcasts had a significant effect on learners’ speaking skill improvement.

Keywords: Podcast, podcasting, learner podcast, speaking skills