Theme-Based Instruction and Integrated Curriculum in the Shadow of Turkey’s 2023 Education Vision
TESOL, ELT, Applied Linguistics, EFL, ESL, TEFL


2023 education vision of Turkey
Theme-based instruction
Curriculum integration at primary-secondary education
English teaching as a foreign language


This study reports teachers’ perceptions of the theme-based instruction (TBI) and integrated curriculum models favoured in the 2017 updated curricula of Turkey and sheds light on the integrated curriculum design models by establishing connections with Turkey’s 2023 education vision. A qualitative research methodology was adopted, using a survey study design. Data were collected from 72 English language teachers in 34 cities. It was concluded that, "within single disciplines curriculum models” have been adopted. As teachers considered student and parent participation in curriculum preparation unnecessary, the ministry’s vision will require a substantial change in their mindset. TBI and curriculum integration training and professional course books are required to meet the demands of the updated curricula and the 2023 education vision of Turkey. Improvements are needed first at teacher level and then at levels where learners direct the integration process, taking into account their interests, awareness and self-motivation.