Attitudes to Storytelling among Adult ESL Learners


storytelling, attitudes, motivation, interest, adult L2 learners

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McGarry, T., & Kim, M.-R. (2019). Attitudes to Storytelling among Adult ESL Learners. Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 4(1), 15-36. Retrieved from


This study investigated tertiary second language learners’ attitudes toward storytelling as a classroom activity. Instruction and practice in storytelling were given to 26 international undergraduates for ten weeks. Questionnaires were administered before and after the treatment to assess learners’ interest in storytelling and beliefs about its effectiveness as a learning task. The results of the pre-treatment questionnaire showed that while participants’ interest in storytelling was very low, their expectations of its effectiveness were relatively high. Asian or low proficient participants indicated higher interest than Europeans or high proficient learners. The results of the post-treatment questionnaire showed that participants’ attitudes changed only slightly. The results suggest that initial interest and expectations might play an important role in maximizing the effectiveness of storytelling for adult second language learners.