Use of Comics Manga as a Learning Tool to Teach Translation of Japanese


Japanese translation, teaching translation, comic translation, Japanese Manga

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Furuhata-Turner, H. (2019). Use of Comics Manga as a Learning Tool to Teach Translation of Japanese. Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 3(2), 72-83. Retrieved from


The use of Japanese comic manga as a learning tool enhances students’ translation competences, cultural knowledge, and motivation. Due to strong interest in Japanese popular culture, the enrollment of college students in Japanese language classes in the United States has been growing since the beginning of the 21st century. This paper will explore the advantages of teaching Japanese through translation via manga. This paper will present useful information for translating Japanese manga texts, reflecting how Japanese communication choice reflects cultural norms. The characteristics of the linguistic, sociolinguistic and cultural aspects of manga texts will also be discussed. Translation procedures will be presented using samples of Japanese sentences, so that the procedures will assist students in translating such texts. Finally, challenges that cause translation difficulties in translating Japanese into English are introduced, and some tips and strategies are offered for aspiring student translators.