Developing Intercultural Awareness and EFL Writing Skills of College-Level Students through Email Interaction


Intercultural awareness
EFL learner
Language learning
Email-based writing
Linguistic competence


The present study examines the efficiency of email exchange in developing intercultural awareness between the

Saudi and non-Saudi EFL students and EFL native teachers of English from USA, UK and Canada. Qualitative

content analysis was used to assess the participants’ use of email-based writing to develop both their

intercultural awareness and their linguistic competence such as word-choice, collocations, and phrases of

apologies, condolences, congratulations, exclamations, clich.s, discourse fillers and the like. Analyzing the

participants’ data obtained through their email exchange over eight weeks of the first semester in 2017 along

with the EFL teacher’s reflective reports and the researcher’s observation notes, the study revealed that both of

the study groups developed their intercultural awareness and enhanced many of the L2 sociocultural issues. The

project was proved to be a positive experience which may open doors for further pedagogical considerations.

The study is also a communication channel for both groups to redress any sociocultural misunderstandings,

biases or misconceptions. Both groups displayed supportive and constructive communication with each other.