Turkish EFL Teachers' Perspectives on Classroom Management


Classroom management, Novice EFL teachers

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Müjdeci, Şafak. (2017). Turkish EFL Teachers’ Perspectives on Classroom Management. Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 7(2), 177-189. Retrieved from https://jltl.com.tr/index.php/jltl/article/view/215


The aim of this study was to reveal perspectives of novice EFL (English as a Foreign

Language) teachers in Turkey on classroom management. This qualitative study

employed phenomenological research design. Data were collected through written

interviews including twenty-four open-ended questions from twenty EFL teachers

whose teaching experience changed between 1-3 years. Data were analyzed through

the use of content analysis by considering the predetermined categories. These

categories included instructional, people and behavior management dimensions of

classroom management. It was found that novice EFL teachers were not satisfied

with physical conditions in their classrooms. Although teachers were negatively

influenced by physical constraints, they still try to be humanistic and not to use much

power over their students. This study may contribute to the understanding of the

nature of classroom management in language classrooms in Turkey and help teacher

education programs guide their pre-service teachers on how best to manage their